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Thread: Frustrated as heck

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    Frustrated as heck

    Today I went to detail my friends f150. It's has grey metallic paint and some pretty good swirls marks. I hit it with everything I had. I tried All-In-One with a orange pad, got nothing. I tried v36 with orange followed by v38 with white, nothing. I tried v34 with a darn yellow pad and then v36 with a orange, nothing. I've never not been able to get results. I have likes drawn on my backing plates and I was using good pressure and they did not stop spinning. I'm also using a torq 10fx. I don't know what to do. Maybe it's time for me to try out wool pads? I don't really ever get perfect results using these foam hexlogic pads. Any insight on this!? Please!

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    What speed on the Torq are you using? Perhaps it's too low? Otherwise maybe you're not using enough polish?

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    Highest speed setting. Use 6 pea sized dots

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    there is your problem, the product is being cooked off by the high speed. If the highest speed setting is 6, use speed setting 4. you NEVER need the highest speed.

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    V32 and a Purple Foamed Wool Pad.
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    If you need to extend product because of dry out you can use a quick detailed or distilled h2o. Don't use straight tap water

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    I had a similar problem with my brothers Escalade a few years ago and I ended up with V32 and a MF cutting pad which did the trick. Also as mentioned a foamed wool pad would have even more cut. With a standard DA you really do have to get quite aggressive on many paints. That is where a rotary, forced rotation or a long stroke DA helps.

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