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Thread: Protection and shine question

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    Protection and shine question

    Hello all!

    I recently picked up a 2010 Grabber blue GT from a 65 year old man!

    We get mild winters, snow, salt you know the whole thing, and sadly this is my daily driver.

    I have a friend who has been detailing his own cars and others since he was 16 (we are 25/26 now)

    I am going to give him the car for the day. $150 for a full detail, cant beat it.

    He said he would be claying, (doubt its ever been clayed), buffing (just did a 2009 shelby, so i trust him lol!), seal it, and wax it. All with chemical guys products of course.

    Now I have two questions.

    1. I know he knows what he is doing. But does buffing cause any issues? Paint issues? clear coat issues?
    I tend to take good care of my car, gets waxed once a month and quick detailed probbaly 1-2 times a month durning the spring/summer/fall, then washed weekly in the winter.

    2. Is it ok to wax ontop of a jetseal? I have read its 100% ok but talking to another friend he says a proper seal takes 3 days to cure, and that you shouldnt be putting wax ontop of it. But everywhere I read on CG they do a wax ontop of the sealant?

    I just want the best protection and the best looking grabber blue I can have

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    #1 Any time you are polishing, you are removing paint. The goal is to remove the least amount of paint possible to achieve the desired look. With out pics I cant tell you what condition your paint is in, so offering a correction strategy is mute. Just remember it's easier to remove the paint than it is to put it back on
    #2 I wax on JetSeal after 1 hour, never had an issue with longevity. Your friend may be talking about some of the "coatings" that are out there, and yes they need cure time. When I use SS6, I dont wax over it for 24 hours after the cure time to make sure it has cured properly. JetSeal and M-Seal I'll wax over within 1 hour.
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    There are several paint correction techniques that will secure your paint level as well as correct your paint also. Always use best polish for your car

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