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Thread: Torq 22d

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    Torq 22d

    I was wondering pros and cons of the of the polisher. I have used the porter cable 7424xp it is nice. I would like something alot better. I like the torq i can also purchase the 5 inch backing plate.

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    The main cons I found was being used to my GG6 the longer handle took some getting used to. I kept moving my hand up above the actual handle and would change the speed by grabbing where the speed buttons are placed. It also was hard on my hex logic pads (ruined three of them on half my brother Escalade). I have since went with the Lake Country HD pads with no problems. Those were minor problems and not an issue any more.

    I do like the time savings of the long throw and having two polishers with the 6" plate on my 22D (which for me was easier to control than with the 5") and a 3.5" on my GG6.

    Here is a pic of my setup for doing my daughters car (that was with the 5" plate on the 22D) and a couple I took of my car a couple days ago getting it ready for winter (not bad for an 09).

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    Looks great^^^^^^^

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