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Thread: Mat ReNew reviews??

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    Mat ReNew reviews??

    Anyone out there tried the mat renew spray for weather techs or rubber mats?

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    I've tried it out and haven't been impressed. Doesn't seem to clean very well, I end up using AllClean+ first. Once the mats are clean it works great leaving a rich look to the mat.
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    I have used it on my Weather Tech matts and it has worked fine for me, made them look new again. My last set I used apc and after a while they just didn't feel the same.

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    thanks. I haven't tried the Weathertech brand of spray that they have for after you clean them. its a bit pricey but might spring for it if the results from Mat ReNew aren't great.

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    Mat ReNew reviews

    Ive had a few trucks with rubber and a few with carpet. I replaced the carpet in my 68 with a rubber mat from LMC. My current daily 89 F150 has black carpet and the 72 has a white rubber mat. Darker colored carpet is good too, doesnt show stains. Always like how easy it is to clean a rubber mat off more than carpet, especially when you get grease stains on it or spill something.

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