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Thread: Anti-fog for windshield

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    Anti-fog for windshield

    Curious what everyone is using to help with interior window fogging either a chemical guys product or other. Thanks

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    I had bought a rain-x anti fog product for my previous vehicle. That stuff is garbage. Haven't tried anything else.

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    I haven't seen anything that actually works for this. Rain-x, Carpro fog fight, etc.... Nobody seems to find anything that is a solid product

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    I just saw a Anti-Fog DIY recipe.

    Heat a quart of water to 122 degrees F, and mix in 3 oz distilled white vinegar.

    Wipe on surface with lint free cloth.

    Anyone tried that and have feedback on how it works?

    Tempted to give it a try on some mirrors in the bathroom, and then the car if it works.
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    It's worth a try! I have my doubts, but let us know how it goes!

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    Yeah, not expecting miracles, but pretty sure I already have the Distilled White Vinegar. If not, bottle is like $1.

    Worth a shot anyway, and just crazy enough, it might work!

    I'll probably give it a try on the mirrors this weekend.

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