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Thread: How do you store your microfiber towels?

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    How do you store your microfiber towels?

    Right now I put them in ziplock plastic bags (gallon size) but it's a pain in the rear to try and stack them in my garage cabinets and keep them sorted. Anyone have a method they think is good?

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    I went to The Container Store and bought waterproof airtight containers for all my microfibers. I store them in the garage and never have a problem with dust or anything getting to them.

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    Thanks tex! What size containers did you buy and how many microfiber towels do you fit in each one?

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    Automotive (150).jpgVery sorry about the delayed response. I have one of the 46.6 Quart for my towels. Couple of the 30.6 and the 19 quart ones for accessories. In my big one i have about 30 towels and just half full. One of the 19 quart ones i used strictly for applicators and microfiber sponges. I keep them in my garage and zero dust gets in them. If you plan to purchase all of them at once. Sign up for their pop program and you save like 15% on your first purchase so something to think about.

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    Thanks, I appreciate the suggestion.

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    IMG_20150911_223059769_HDR.jpg zip lock bags here

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