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Thread: High end details coming up!

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    High end details coming up!

    September 12th I have scheduled a full detail on a 2015 Jaguar X Type R. The week after I am doing a Aston Martin Vanguish, also a 2015. I will post up some pictures before and after.

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    Cool, I just did a black XF-R!
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    Awesome! I always love when a higher end car comes in, iv'e only ever done one Aston Martin though. This is frustrating to me as that is my dream car!
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    Thats awesome! The best I've done is my Uncle's new Cayenne. Although, he wants me to do his Boxter and Gt3. Too bad he lives 5 hours away...

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    Cool works! Awaiting to have some more!

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    Can't wait to see the uploads. Keep us updated!

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    Very beautiful Jaguar, I want one of my own.

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