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Thread: the shelves are filling.

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    the shelves are filling.

    slowly building up my arsenal, one bottle at a time, or ten. 20150818_162736[1].jpg

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    That's a great start! I see you hiding those Griot's products in the back haha

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    Looking good!!
    2014 Dodge Charger SXT Plus Black Top Edition, with AWD Sport Package

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViperGuy21 View Post
    That's a great start! I see you hiding those Griot's products in the back haha
    lmfao thats what i thought. the only prodcut i like by them is the window sealant. Its been on my jeep for over 2 months now and no sign of thinning, even through 10 washes. Arsenal is looking good! how do you like the blacklight?

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    the gg speed shine is good stuff, used it as a clay lube before I got on board with all the cg stuff, I lol'd a when their foaming window cleaner just bead'd up and ran right off of my windows, all I have on is V7(deffinately one of the best products on the market). the blacklight is awesome stuff, i much prefer the outcome versus the wet mirror finish that i have, haven't used much else as far as glazes go. used it on my buddies black ranger after a 3 step paint correction, and all i could say was wow. unfortunately i don't do too many high end details that require that kind of attention. i love having these products on hand but I don't really use much more than ecosmart, v7, and a select few others on a customers vehicle.

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    That's cool. I would like to try some of there stuff, and would if my local advance auto would just start carrying it! I love CG though so it's no big deal.
    I do have the GG6" though, got that for my last birthday!

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