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Thread: Bosch ROS65VC-5 for Polishing/Compounding

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    Bosch ROS65VC-5 for Polishing/Compounding


    I'm looking to compound/polish my 2005 Accord and am looking for the best way forward, hoping to get input from folks on this forum!

    I already own a Bosch ROS65VC-5 from sanding our deck. I constantly see the Porter-Cable 7424XP listed as a good device to use for beginners (and I am a beginner). Can I just use my Bosch on my car, or does the PC do something differently/better than the Bosch? If I can use the Bosch, what do I need to buy to use it as a polisher?


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    Will it work? Likely.
    Is it the best choice? Doubtful.

    I would never use a sander because you will NEVER get all of the wood dust out of the sander. If any of that makes it's way onto the paint, or worse, embeds itself in the pad, you'll be sorry. Make the small investment in a 7424 or the 10FX. You'll be glad you did.

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    Agreed. If it touched anything other then paint don't use it. Considering you used it sand wood you are used to the speed. I would grab a flex 3401 if you don't mind dropping the coin. If it's not in your budget grab Griots GG6 best bang for your buck on the lower end polishers. Still a workhorse for the money

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    GG6 all the way....plenty of power....lifetime warranty...get the one with the longer will be glad you did

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