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Thread: Silk Shine for interiors!! A+

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    Silk Shine for interiors!! A+

    I have been using this on dashes, door panels, and steering wheels after using Inner Clean and I love the stuff. It really leaves the interior looking crisp and clean without the stickiness and tackiness that attracts dust and debris. This is my go to product for interiors after a quick wipe down with Inner Clean. Highly recommend this product!

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    Could you post up some pics? I would really like to see what everyone is going on about

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    I will get some this weekend for you buddy. Been real busy at work.

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    Thanks man! No worries at all. I totally know how stuff just gets in the way

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    Oh i just now finally tried this stuff on my project ranger and it looks amazing on the inside

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    I use the blue microfiber applicator to apply to dash and door panels. Works great!

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    I like using that stuff on black plastic trim on the outside of the car. It does not last as long as the tire and trim gel. Still, a great all around product. FYI, I buy it by the gallon now.

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    I agree with Dogcatcher, it does work really well on exterior trim and restores it back to a deep black look. It is not super long last for exterior but still good to keep in your exterior arsenal. Check out my post in exterior detail and how well Silk Shine works for engine bay detailing!!

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