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Thread: Chem Guys Product stickers?

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    Chem Guys Product stickers?

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone else has ever though wouldn't it be nice if i could get nice proper Chem Guys stickers for the products i use on dilution bottles

    i know im probably being stupid i just like everything a certain way

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    im the same way, ive often thought about asking them if they sold just the labels so that I could put a nice label on my diluted bottles instead of my horrible hand writing

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    next time you place an order ask them for some. They sell for like $1-2 in the store. They just dont advertise them online.

    it would be nice to include them in purchases though. They have window stickers too

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    I bought a label maker, but would like some small sitckers as well.
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    I was actually going to email them to ask them this very question today! I love having labels on all my bottles, and the couple that don't have the proper CG label drive my OCD Insane!! I'm glad I can ask and purchase them for a little extra.

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    Sell them? That is crap they should give them out.

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    They have givin me a few when I've been in the store making large purchases. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask though.

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    I buy the clear 16oz bottle on amazon with the gray sprayers the labels will make it a cleaner and a nicer look. Owning my own business and not having labels on those clear bottle is driving my OCD crazy lol. Even if the labels were smaller and I could use clear packing tape to put them on the bottles would be sweet!

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    I use the original bottle with the diluted product and put the full strength leftovers in an old water bottle. I do a screen capture of the product from the website and print it out. I then trim it and use packaging tape on the paper to make a halfway decent "ghetto label". That way my bottle of usable product is in a proper spray bottle, and looks professional. I am a hobbyist so I usually buy the 16 oz bottles with the spray top..

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    I requested a label with my latest order. Fingers crossed.

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