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Thread: New cabinet

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    New cabinet

    Still in the works of getting organized. I will have hooks on the inside that will hold the brushes and clay bars. Still not up to my standards but I want everything with the exception of the microfibers in one spot. By the way, the cabinet for the MF's is almost empty due to a detail job I had this last weekend.


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    Nice cabinet I like that it's tall, somewhat deep and not too wide so it doesn't take up much floor space .

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    OP where are you located? I was wondering if I need to move my stuff inside for the Cincinnati winter.

    By the way, very nice.

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    I am located in Wisconsin. Yes, I suggest moving the products in if your garage or detail area gets below freezing. I put all my stuff in a big rubber maid bin and inside.

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    Where did you get that at Jeremy?

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