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Thread: Chemical Guys Top 5 Detailing Products for Summer

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    Chemical Guys Top 5 Detailing Products for Summer

    With this weekend being the "unofficial" start of summer we thought we would share what our 5 top products that you need for the summer. Check out this video where we outline the 5 products.

    If you had to make your list of top 5 Chemical Guys products you couldn't live without this summer what would they be?
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    i have literally tried to come up with 5 and just can't pick 5, if I had to i guess they would be;

    Hybrid V7
    Black/White Light
    Jet Seal
    Inner Clean

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    I like this break down better
    Top 5 interior products;
    Inner Clean
    Sprayable Leather
    Fabric Guard
    Stripper Scent

    Top 5 Polishing
    Torq 10fx
    Orange pads
    Clay Block 2
    Clay Lube

    Top 5 wash:
    Foam Cannon
    Honey Dew Snow Foam
    Chenille wash mitts
    Glossworks Soap

    Top 5 finishing;
    Jet Seal
    Black/White Wax
    Hybrid v7
    Blue Guard 2

    Top 5 Wheels and Suspension
    Wheel Guard
    Bare Bone
    Orange Degreaser
    Blue Guard 2

    Top 5 tools:

    Torq 10FX
    Foam Cannon
    Atomizer Spray Bottle
    Clay Block 2.0
    Buckets/grit guard/ chenille wash mitts.

    See what I mean, it's impossible to just pick 5.

    Notable mentions:
    Signature series glass cleaner
    Light/Heavy Metal Polish
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    Nonsense because everyone needs a good APC.
    Eco smart due to water restrictions in my area.
    OG clay bar for my refined customers.
    Lots of MF towels
    Hybrid v7

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    Gosh, I totally forgot about microfiber towels.

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    Butter Wet Wax
    Black Light
    Speed Wipe
    Gloss Wurkz Detailing
    Regina, Sk

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    These products are the ones that are CG best sellers at the shows we vend at:

    Synthetic Detailer
    VRP Dressing
    V07 Sealant
    Butter Wet Wax
    New Car scent
    Maxi Suds II (gallon)
    Metal Polish

    At large shows we can go through as many as 60 bottles of the Synthetic Detailer (5 cases)!

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    Wow! It might be time to see if Hybrid V7 is available in a 5 gallon container, I'd buy one if they are, lol.

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    Chemical Guys Top 5 Detailing Products for Summer

    you might need to open the unit and review the circuitry .. could be dome spillage on the board . might need cleaning .. or the audio ports might have come loose and need tightening

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