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Thread: Memorial Day sale!!!!!

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    Just order Gal. Hybrid V7 wash. Gal. Inner Clean. and 16 oz stripper scent. 25% off saved $17.99 and free shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TXShine View Post
    You're going to love all of that stuff, but you should just buy a gallon of V7 now ad save the money. That stuff is gold!!
    Yeah, I've gotta figure out what I should get with the money limitations(I'm only 16). If I get the gal I will feel obligated to get the V07 combo gallons because it's only $10 more though! I'd most likely have to cut out the VRP and ecosmart to do that and I really want to try ecosmart. I'm getting the grime reaper and ducky because my dad needs some more degreaser and told him I would just get this and he could pay for it. And I need more clay so I'm gonna get the block since it lasts longer.
    What do you think, gallons of V07 spray and shampoo or ecosmart concentrate, VRP, and just a bottle of V07?

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    My order just came in. I'm glad I was able to get such great deals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogcatcher View Post
    My order just came in. I'm glad I was able to get such great deals.
    Nice! Definitely post up how then mat cleaner/protectant works! I don't have rubber mats, but I'm sure I know somebody who does to recommend it to if it is any good!

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    Does anyone know if there going to have a memorial day sale this year?

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