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Thread: Just a couple of questions

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    Just a couple of questions

    1.) Is it ok to use a hnexlogic pad to apply wax? Or will the wax dry on the pad, thus ruining the pad, and forcing me to discard it? Will the same happen with sealant?

    2.) Will the pad conditioning brush work with a hex logic pad? The hex logic pad have grooves and indentations on them, rather than having a flat surface...that is why I am wondering.

    3.) I want to apply waxes and sealants, and glazes, but I do not have a garage in which to carry out these processes, and I would like to know what risks, do I take by applying these outdoors.

    4.) Will clay cause micro scratches and marring on the surface of the paint? Again I do not have a garage to carryout paint correction. I have the tools but not the work space unfortunately.

    5.) What type of dressing should I use considering I am from south texas, and climate changes suck down here. Winter happens periodically. spread out over a period of about 4 months, and I am wondering what base dressing should I use to best suit the weather down here.

    6.) Does anyone know anything about when and if we will see Hosefree eco-wash again?

    7.)What psi should I use with the foam cannon. I have a clean force 1800 psi, but the foam cannon does not seem to be getting enough pressure so that it sprays thick foam smoothly and constantly. I can hear the pressure washer having a hard time pushing, it's difficult to explain. The thing is that I want to upgrade to a better pressure washer but I do not want to buy something i do not need and I am wondering what has your experience been with your foam cannon and what Psi are you using.

    Thanks in advance!

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    1.) Yes.. I use a red Hex-Logic pad to spread sealant. You have to clean any pad you use eventually. I use the Unviersal Pad Washer and Polishing Pad Cleaner.

    2.) I only use the brush to fluff up microfiber pads; I clean all pads using the Universal Pad Washer.

    3.) Make sure the surface is dust-free before you spread any product. If it's real dusty, work one panel/area at a time to chase your tail less.

    4.) Our clay bars are very refined and grit-free, so they will not scratch or marr paint. Still, more aggressive clays like medium and heavy can marr softer paint finishes. The only way to know if it will affect your car is to test it on your car. Always go for the least aggressive combination of tools to get the job done. Light/OG clay should be fine.

    5.) Try using New Look Trim Gel for heartier longer lasting shine.

    6.) It's in the works.. stay tuned!

    7.) Sounds like your foam gun settings/internals may be to blame. Check all parts and air/mix ratio dials before making any exchanges.

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