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    Torq 10FX

    Received my new DA today. My question is when you got yours did you get a slip in it stating it was gone through "white glove inspection" and signed off by someone on the bottom? It states it was gone through and ran 3 extensive runs to make sure it operated correctly with load and did not overheat. Funny thing is the machine has some mars and blemishes on it and the cord was all dirty. I would of thought it was a refurbished unit. Just wondering what anyone elses experience is.

    It was bought off of Amazon being CG was out of stock.

    Also any feedback from users on this machine?


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    Maybe it got a little dirty while they were testing it. My first one had the white glove sheet but wasn't signed and that's the Torq that lasted only a few uses. I actually put a small mark on the machine before sending it back to see if i were getting a new one or refurbished. The second one does have a couple marks but I wrote that off to testing and assembling blemishes...This time the white glove sheet was actually checked off and signed.

    So far it operates like it should. My main complaint is how sensitive the speed switch is. Nearly every panel the speed will adjust on its own if my finger or part of my hand hovers over the switch. A little annoying but I'm getting used to it. I like the slow start. Gives me an extra couple of seconds to get comfortable before starting a panel. I've used it with the entire V line of compounds/polishes, glaze, and an AIO. I haven't spread wax with it yet.

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    My issue is with the 90 day warranty. It is winter here in Wisconsin and I will not be detailing anything probably for a good 90 days or so. By time I actually get to use it it will be out of warranty.

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    How do you guys like the digital switch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by felixthecat View Post
    How do you guys like the digital switch?

    Haven't had a chance to use it yet. Just got out of a sling for 6 weeks from shoulder surgery. Another 4 weeks and I should be able to try it out.

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    I have had some time with the Torq now and I must say I love it!!! Very nice quality and works great!! No regrets whatsoever with the purchase! I highly recommend it!

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    I would have to agree with Busymind on the switch, you just have to watch where you keep your hand in relation to the switches.

    I polished and then applied JetSeal with mine. Then wax by hand. Worked great for me.

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