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Thread: my arsenal

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    How much do you charge and what do you do for each price?

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    The POD is great, I have 2 units, one for solution and one for clean water. Make sure to flush the one that you use for waterless wash on a weekly basis. The Kayolin clay tend to build up and clog.

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    Thank u i didnt know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emelth View Post
    How much do you charge and what do you do for each price?
    $150 include wash clay bar wax and jet seal
    $75 just the interiors I use carpet extractor
    $40 just wash and wax

    those are the most common jobs I do.

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    Now that is one awesome setup for a weekend warrior! I really want the pod, but just can't pull the trigger on it since I just do kine and my wife's car. I've had so many neighbors ask if I'd do their car for money, but I'm afraid it will ruin my love for the hobby. I could however do enough to pay for the pod and then stop, lol.

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    jjcl23, where are you stationed at? glad to see a shipmate on here, just got into the hobby recently but my arsenal is growing daily, hopefully it will compare to yours soon!

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