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Thread: my arsenal

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    my arsenal

    no bad for a weekend warrior
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    Nice!!! How do you like your Pod? Mine paid for itself in 2 days. One of the best investments I made and the business with it keeps growing.

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    I love it cut the cleaning time no mess

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    image.jpg this ones are my back up when is really dirty

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    I was talking about your pod for ecosmart...nice backups though.

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    i love the pod cut my cleaning time and the battery last forever

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    Is the J97 worth the money?

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    I still have not used it when I do I let you know

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    Hope you can do a few weekend details to help get the cost back of all those products . Looks awesome none the less though

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    I get like two cars per weekend is the only time I have to do detailing because in the us navy and I work the entire week pretty much is a hobby

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