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Thread: Are glazes color specific?

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    Are glazes color specific?

    I did a basic wash and wax on a light silver 2003 Mercedes E class. Since I had it over night I experimented with a small section of the hood. After I clayed and wiped down a section, I applied some EZ creme glaze with a DA. I guess I was expecting bigger results, but I didn't notice any difference between the glazed section and the rest of the car I wiped down with Ecosmart.
    I decided to not waste anymore time and waxed it with some Pete's 53. Anyways the next morning I parked it next to the mechanics other mercedes in his lot and the one I worked on didn't stand out that much.

    I don't think I've ever put so much effort into a car and got such underwhelming results. The car was literally covered in bird shite and I cleaned the hell out of the paint. I was expecting the silver to have a better pop. Is there a better glaze I could have used? Should I have used a yellow carnauba instead of a white one?
    It almost looked the best when I only wiped it down with Ecosmart. I thought the glaze and wax would add a wetter deeper look.

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    Pop comes from 90% polish maybe 5 percent glaze and another 5 percent wax...(ball park numbers)

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    This guy wanted basic so polishing was out of the question. I've read several threads about people applying black light and getting "amazing" results. There's no mention of polishing in their post.

    Also glazes are suppose to fill in imperfections, so I would expect a section that's thoroughly washed and clayed to have a noticeable difference when applying a glaze with a DA.

    I wanted to provide that extra shine for this guy since there's a potential for more cars from him.
    Maybe there's a difference between a $13 glaze and a $30 glaze. Who knows....I may just forget about the glaze step and spend that time on something else.

    Anybody in the Bay Area have a glaze sample I could use?
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    BlackLight definitely adds depth to the paint and is a great choice whether you are topping it or not. Glazes will only fill minor imperfections, and if the clear is hazy it needs a polish. On the Benz vehicles I've had great results with V34 and a Green pad (or MF cutting pad) for swirls and light scratches. (the paint is fairly hard)
    An option I have for my customers who don't want to pay for an actual polish is V4 Extreme All-In-One. It removes fine swirls, minimises scratches, and leaves a sealant behind. Even a quick once over with this product and there is a huge difference in finish. It does a great job bringing back the clarity to the clearcoat. This is my main money maker, I use it for winter prep with XXX Wax as a topper. Or just use it by itself for 5 months of protection.
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    Ok good to know. Only reason I wondered about color specific glazes is because I used the ez creme glaze on my wife's prius which is a similar silver to the benz. Again I couldn't notice any difference. Once I get my polisher problem fixed, I'll test out the glaze again on my test panel that's been polished with the whole V line of products.

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    Some glazes work better on solids then flaked paint also light and dark cars. They are a filler and glossing agent that is all they do.
    You can put anything on bad paint and it will still look bad.
    Good paint comes from polishing it.
    Research a good.paintwork cleanser that will help in bringing back some of the gloss and pop

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    I managed to finish a test panel. It's a fender from a black 2006 jaguar. One section I washed, clay, and used v32-v38. The other section I did the same but wet sanded with 2500 grit first to remove some orange peel. Both surfaces were near perfectly clean and swirl free. The stock paint now looks brown compared to the polished section. I applied the glaze and still couldn't see a difference. No extra shine or additional gloss. The paint looks good, but I was hoping for that extra additional morph into a higher level with the glaze. I even topped it with a medium priced paste wax and that didn't add any desirable depth either.

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    As a reseller of CG we sell Wet Mirror and Blacklight to add extra "wet look, depth, and shine" to paint already in great shape. We certainly do recommend polishing if a vehicle needs it, but most can just clay bar and then apply a layer, then protection over top.

    My wife has a black 5 series and the difference of not having blacklight and having it is definitely noticeable - it looks much darker, has way more shine, and has a "glow" to it that other people notice right away.

    Here in the shop, we use wet mirror/blacklight then a coat of jetseal, followed by either V07 or carnauba wax.

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    Watch Junkman 2000 on youtube. He says polishes and waxes and the other stuff cant tell what color that car is so what would be meant for a black car would work on a white car.

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    VSS or V4

    Hi There
    What would you use on 09 BMW X3 black VSS or something different like in V series, let me know thanks

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