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Thread: Trick to cleaning perforated leather seats

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    Trick to cleaning perforated leather seats

    Ok so today I look at the passenger seat in my new car and see that it'sclean but 3of the perforations have some little white debri in them. I sprayed some inner clean on a Mf and wiped, no luck. Next I tried my boars head brush, no luck. Then I tried the board head brush with a spray of inner clean, no luck. Tried the vacuum, no luck. I was getting frustrated, it makes me crazy to see the seat like that.

    Long story short my sister in law is a dentist and I had an appointment. While there I was complaining about the seat. She suggested and gave me a gum stimulator - removable rubber tip.

    To my surprise it fit the perforation perfect. I used the gum stimulator and my vacuum and cleaned all three perforations.

    How do you all clean clogged perforated seat? I could have used the steamer but over time I fell that steams breakes down the outer protection on the leather and drys it out.
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    This is a great suggestion. I'll be doing my seats tonight!


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    I would use the leather cleaner over the inner clean, it may do a little better job. I have a little plastic bristled brush that I got in a gun cleaning kit to get the stuff out of seams, etc. it's hard enough to break the contaminets loose. But soft enough not to scratch the leather. It is identical to the one CG sells in every way. Here's the link.

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