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Thread: Drying with Afterwash is a must

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    Drying with Afterwash is a must

    We all know that washing our car in the proper way with three buckets helps eliminate scratches but how many of us think drying is important too. I started a new technic when drying and it has helped me go much longer between paint correction. I either spray the car with afterwash or spray it on my microfiber towel and then pat off the car, I don't run or pull the towel across the car anymore. No matter how well we think we wash our car we are only human and can leave something behind. Using afterwash with its lubrication and anti static properties will help reduce/eliminate scratches and help repel contaminates for the future. I believe afterwash is an essential product when washing and drying your car. The other reason I believe it is beneficial is your water may have minerals in it that will spot or cause etching of rubbed off during drying,

    What is everyone's thoughts on this?

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    I take the nozzle off the hose and get the water to "pull" most of the standing water off the car. I then use a leaf blower to blow the rest of the water off the car.

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    I decided to try P40 as a drying ad since I was low on after wash. Can't believe on how well it worked.

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    This technique is also called sheeting the water off and has been around for years. Old is new again.


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    Great info. Also try V-07 detail spray.

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