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Thread: Foam VS Microfiber

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cal Blacksmith View Post
    The sides require a bit less attention to start with. Things happen to flat surfaces more than vertical ones. Everyone's eyes are drawn to hoods and trunk lids but not so much to the sides. That said, there really isn't much different to do the sides vs the hood. Holding the weight of the machine is the biggest thing but the rest apply, study the surface to determine what is needed in the way of repair, hold the buffer flat, move slowly and in a distinct pattern that is designed to cover all the surface.
    thanks for the assist, cal! lol

    but Cal is right. there's not much to do differently when you polish vertical panels, you just have to hold the machine upright as you apply pressure into the panel. the biggest thing is comfort: position your body however you need to be comfortable as you work. take breaks. sit on a bucket, a creeper seat, or unfold a cardboard box and sit on the ground. inspect your work to ensure you're getting the results you want, and make adjustments. it's just like polishing the rest of your car, only vertical.

    as far as body lines and stuff, don't sit and press hard on them for too long. you may have to switch to a smaller pad to get around weird areas like fenders and bumpers. use a DA for more forgiving corrections in tight areas with body lines and edges.

    when in doubt.. skip it.

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    use a foam pad by hand and always use a finessing pad on machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by shahsmerdis View Post
    just came back from the dealer, i told them to write in big letters do not wash on my car
    haha been doing this for years

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    So, in regards to applicator pads, which is better for say, Blacklight or Butter Wet Wax? I see in the CG videos the guys are now using the black hex logic foam applicator pads for BL or BWW. However, they also have some older videos in which they used the blue microfiber applicators. Is one better than the other for hand applications?

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