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Thread: Dr. Color Chip?????

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    Dr. Color Chip?????

    Some of the cars I do have rock chips or scratches too deep to remove and I'm always asked about fixing them or hiding them. Not wanting to get into touch ups and wet sanding and all of that. So my question is, the Dr. Color Chip web site has a kit that can cover just about any color paint but it can get expensive... Has anyone tried their products and what were the results? Easy to work with, good color match, does it last, etc..?

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    I'm interested in this as well
    2014 BMW 328i Sportline--Arctic White/Black, 8 speed
    tinted windows, clear front reflectors
    2014 BMW 320i--Black Sapphire Metallic/Black, 8 speed
    tinted windows, smoked front reflectors

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    I have used Dr Color Chip on my MB C350 coupe. My car is black, so it's an easy match. I don't know how it looks with metallic colors. So far, I am impressed with the product.

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    Seems okay.. Give it a try on a couple of your customers and see if it makes sense time and money wise...

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    Look at applied colors. We do touch up, they have two systems. We use the second system the have. The first system they have is more user friendly, but it seemed to lack quality in paint. We do it by eye so thats why having the second system works best for us.

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