Don't have time to watch a whole YouTube video? Check out this quick step-by-step guide on how to flush an automobile AC system!

Don't just cover up odors with perfumes--use this guide to kill odor-causing bacteria in your car for fresh-smelling air! You can use any of our Air Freshener & Odor Eliminators.

The process is very simple and can be completed in under a minute:

1) Start the vehicle's engine.

2) Turn on the air conditioning. Set the temperature to the lowest setting to activate the compressor on the engine, and set the fan to maximum speed.

3) Set the AC system to recirculate the air within the vehicle cabin. Some AC systems call this "Max AC" or something similar.

4) Channel the air to blow through the front vents--the ones that blow at your face.

5) Take your Chemical Guys Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator of your choice, and spray 3 - 5 sprays into the carpet at the top of the footwell on the passenger side. This is where the recirculation intake is for most cars' AC systems.

6) The chemical is purged directly through the vents, killing odor-causing bacteria and pumping your scent of choice through the cabin of your vehicle.

7) Add a few more sprays throughout the car; behind the pedals on the driver's side, under the seats, and in the trunk.

That's it! Foul odors and germs have been flushed from your AC system! Now you and your family will experience fresh, crisp, clean air. Do this whenever you replace your cabin air filter, or as needed to eliminate foul or musky odors.