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Thread: Episode Ideas: Engine and Interior

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    Smile Episode Ideas: Engine and Interior

    Hello Chemical Guys Crew,

    I am really enjoying the Detail Garage Series.

    I was wondering if you can include two very important steps in detailing this civic in my opinion. What I think would be awesome to include is engine detailing and the interior.

    In terms of engine cleaning, being how old the civic is, I assume there would be much grease and grime built up on the engine and it would be a great example to use rather than a cleaner engine used on some chemical guys videos. This would be helpful to viewers as many have older cars with very dirty engines and it would be awesome to see how to properly clean an engine that dirty and old.

    When it comes to the interior I would like to see not only the typical detailing work that comes with interior cleaning but I would like to see the proper way to clean up the cars upholstery. Furthermore in terms of upholstery cleaning it could be the carpet underneath the removable carpets that come with the car which is the one attached to the floor. It would be awesome to know how to properly clean this with and without a professional carpet cleaning machine. Also I would like to see ways to dry up the carpet and cleaning hard to reach stains like under seat and other tight places.

    Keep up the good work guys and I hope you can look into my ideas as I am sure others would appreciate it as well.

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    I was also thinking the same thing, I would love for you guys go under the hood of the civic. It would also be nice to start every new episode off with some before/after pics of the previous work done.

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    They are saving the before and after for final ep.

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    We are approaching 3 final episodes of detail garage. one more mail call, one interior and last wrap up. We will be doing some more ideas for the next season Stay tune!

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