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Thread: New Episode of Detail Garage - Washing the 1996 Honda Civic DX

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    Very well done, and very thorough!

    One question: what are your thoughts (and research?) on using a soft car wash brush instead of a mitt? I've used soft wash brushes from OXO and Meguiar's to prevent the scratching from a sponge or cheap mitt, and it seems to work. I shake out the brush in the wash bucket, and don't use a second bucket.

    Been detailing professionally since 1985, but never too old to learn something new.

    Last thought: how about an episode discussing hard vs. soft paints? We've all had cars we've worked on that seem to scratch if you just look at them, as well as others that practically need to be sanded to show any improvement.


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    Hey Dave6 - Never use a soft car wash brush. As a matter of fact, never use ANY brush on the surface of the painted vehicle. The only spots I would ever recommend using a soft brush is emblem detailing, or getting into the nooks and crannies on the front grill or the gaps in between when you open your trunk and hood. Otherwise stay as far away from a brush as possible no matter how soft the brush is.

    We will make some future episodes on soft vs. hard paint thanks for the suggestion and happy detailing!

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    wheres episode 3?!!! hurry up haha

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    just saw its posted! awesome!

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