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Thread: Season 1 Episode 1 of Detail Garage (Headlight Restoration)

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    Season 1 Episode 1 of Detail Garage (Headlight Restoration)

    Hey guys, welcome to our season 1 premier of Detail Garage. Please tune in below and enjoy all the hard work we've been doing here at CG. And also please submit all your questions in this thread so I will personally select a random few to feature in our Mail Call episode on 6/3/2014. or you can email the questions in to

    Happy Detailing everyone and enjoy the show!

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    I liked it. theres a few things I might adjust or do a little different but hey its still a good informative show!

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    Looking forward to these! The more the better!
    2014 BMW 328i Sportline--Arctic White/Black, 8 speed
    tinted windows, clear front reflectors
    2014 BMW 320i--Black Sapphire Metallic/Black, 8 speed
    tinted windows, smoked front reflectors

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    Watched the pilot and first episode this morning. Good stuff. One suggestion would be to mention alternative methods for getting the job done. For instance if you didn't have a rotary polisher for this headlight job, what would be some alternatives. You wouldn't have to demonstrate each method, but at least put the information into the video.

    My in-laws have an Accord that is in slightly better shape but still very rough. I am hoping to be able to use these episodes as a guide on how to tackle their car.

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    Perfect in every way. This is a great Buzz. Yes People, take more pride in your ride!!

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    Thanks for watching the video, it really means a lot to us. You can use a drill bit with a Hex pad attachment as an alternative for someone who doesn't have a rotary or dual action polisher. Sanding can be done by hand, however it will be more labor intensive.

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