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    Forum rules

    Welcome to the Chemical Guys Forum!

    In order to promote a positive and enriching environment, all users and posts are subject to these rules and regulations. Offending posts can be deleted without notice and repeated offenders and users will be banned. The rights to free expression and use of colorful language are enforced as long as they do not violate any of the following:

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    1) Any offensive images, language, or content directed at other forum members.
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    3) Blatant advertising or repeated postings for commercialism or gain.
    4) Any copyrighted material.

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    - Screen names may not have any explicit, lewd, or inflammatory content or material.

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    - Contact Forum moderators for personal issues or questions regarding Forum Rules, questionable actions or posts, and any other grievances and complaints regarding the Chemical Guys Forum.

    - Infractions to Forum Rules are grounds for dismissal and permanent banning form the Chemical Guys Forum.
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    Hello All - Just signed up on the CG forum. I managed a detail shop back in the early 80"s and was taught by an 'OLD SCHOOL" DETAILER and by checking out CG website detailing has changed a bit. I just purchased a bunch of CG equipment & supplies and I'm attempting to detail the exterior of my 2008 Ford F-250 (black) In what sequence do you suggest I do this IE: CLAY BAR, COMPOUNDING, WAXING, SEALING, ETC. Your advice will be much appreciated

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    Its alittle more work but I like to wash the vehicle before and after I clay. Just be careful not to put any contaminants back into the paint.
    The sequence I use normally depends on the car.

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    Where do I post my cg stuff for sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GREY View Post
    Where do I post my cg stuff for sale?
    Thats what I'm trying to find out also.

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