View Full Version : Need to Purchase Tire and Rims Cleanser

07-06-2015, 01:17 PM
I am looking to purchase products for cleaning my Acura RDX wheels and rims.
I have green clean but I am not sure if I can use that to clean brake dust etc.

Also i am looking to purchase something for my tires to look shiny.

Please suggest.

07-06-2015, 01:28 PM
If you are looking for an APC, I use Allclean+ at about 10:1 with really good results. Orange degreaser and Grime Reaper are also supposedly quite good. As for a specific wheel cleaner, signature series wheel cleaner is what I use with really nice results. I use it at about 4:1~3:1.
As for the Green Clean, I can't say much yet. I'm planning on getting a bottle as a freebie on my next order wishing the next few days.
As for a dressing, VRP is a great option, but I have also heard good things about Silk Shine, Tre and Trim gel, and G6 Hypercoat.
Hope this helps!

07-06-2015, 08:52 PM
Diablo wheel cleaner works great for me. For the tires I use Silk Shine or Tire And Trim Gel. Just my .02

08-06-2015, 08:43 PM
I purchased Diablo wheel cleaner for brake grime and was not happy with the results. I was expecting more from this product.
I am also looking for CG product for tires - wet look. i bought the tire and trim gel but it didnt give me the wet look for tires which i was expecting.

08-07-2015, 07:38 AM
the signatures series wheel cleaner is a bit stronger than diablo gel. if you have really difficult brake dust that you need to remove, i have had the best luck wit iron x by carpro.

for the wet tire look you want a dressing that is oil based like blue guard or extreme shine

08-07-2015, 01:26 PM
Diablo is great for well maintained and coated wheels. For first time cleaning or heavy cleaning I dilute Grime Reaper 4:1, spray on let dwell 30 seconds, brush the wheel and tire down, rinse.
As for tires, SilkShine is great! Spray on and let dry for shine, wipe down for satin or matte finish. For longer deeper shine Tire and Trim Gel is my choice.

08-07-2015, 05:45 PM
I used Diablo last weekend on my father's vehicle. It was absolutely filthy, rims weren't as bad as I have ever seen but they don't get cleaned as much as they should and there was certainly a good bit of break dust on them. I was able to get most of it off, had I not spent 6 hours on mine earlier in the day, I may have had more energy to work on his. I was pretty pleased with the results all in all. I've been dressing tires with Tire & Trim gel and been really happy with the look and the wet look. It also seems to hold up fairly well considering my vehicle sits outside full time. I may need to consider the SilkShine next time I am ready to hit the trail. I'm guessing that won't attract the dirt as much as oil based products.