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04-17-2015, 08:00 PM
I got my car detailed today from a local company, I mainly wanted to get my swirls removed. They washed, clayed, glazed, and put Diamond Gloss Paint Protection on the car. I'm not real familiar with that product, but guy said it should last a year. He said I shouldn't have to wax the car, but should I still wax it on occasion?
Second question, is I want to avoid getting swirl marks. I always confuse myself on which way I should wipe off/on spray wax/detailer. I usually go left to right or right to left on Hood/Roof/Trunk top. On quarter panels doors and back of trunk I do the same is that the proper direction? I've heard to go same direction they would use to pain the car. Oh, what about the spoiler??
There's just times when it feels like the microfiber towel is dragging and I always think I'm either not putting enough product on or pressing too hard. Right now I've been using Mother's Spray Wax to touch up water spots or dust removal.(Think a lot of times every time I do something it's always blazing hot or sunny as hell, and my apt. complex has no shade :(

04-17-2015, 08:55 PM
Always wipe in one direction to get excess liquids off like a quick detailer or similar consistency liquid. Once it starts blending into the paint, you can polish it left to right, right to left, or straight up, straight down. Never ever buff the excess off in a circular motion, you'll just get swirls again. There is no specific way, I just kind of follow the Body lines of the car. Also, make sure you're using good micro fiber towels, they play a big part in scratches and swirls too. Find yourself a nice 450+gsm edgeless towel. Don't settle settle for the bargin towels at your local big box store or corner box store, their towels are junk. Try prepping your towel by spraying it once or twice with whatever your using on the car, that way the towel will be primed. Most products CANNOT be used i direct sunlight, if the car is not cool to the touch, check the product and see what it says about apply in the sun.

I hope this helps!