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12-08-2014, 12:14 PM
How does this sound for my first correction?

Wash using Citrus Wash & Gloss diluted 1oz/gal to strip the previous LSP. How should I dilute W&G in the foam gun?
Clay bar
Polish - pads primed with Pad Conditioner
Glaze - Wet Mirror Finish
Seal - JetSeal
Wax - 50/50

And to maintain a swirl free, ultra glossy finish:
Wash once a week with Glossworkz 1oz/5gal (2oz in the foam gun) and 2 bucket method with grit guards
Dry with After Wash and a plush towel
Wax every 2-3 months
And then once a year I repeat the process stated above, except with out the polishing?

I read somewhere that when you're polishing, the pads need to be cleaned after every panel. So should I polish a panel, clean the pad, and while it's drying, use a second pad for another panel, repeat?? Last question! Does the washing after every panel method apply to glazing or sealing pads?

One last thing. I bought some 50/50 wax. The opening for the can is about 3.25in, do you think I could squeeze a 3.5in wax pad (3in backing plate) in there?

The car is a Liquid Red 2009 Pontiac G8 GT. Will this product combo give the paint its maximum shine?

12-08-2014, 04:52 PM
You should definitely clean pads after a couple panels, or once they get too full of spent product. I'll use 3-4 of each type of pad, then wash them all at the end of the job. this really only applies to polishing pads.. You'll only need to use one red pad for your glaze, sealant, wax steps.

You can use a wax every 3 months. I'd use a sealant first to get more durable protection.

I like to spread paste waxes by hand, not machine. Cream sealants/waxes I'll spread with a DA. do NOT spread LSPs with a rotary.