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10-15-2014, 02:05 AM
I'm detailing here and there right now, with the hopes I can grow to where I'm doing it full time. Or at least where I have a regular flow of clients as a part time thing. I live in So Cal so a pressure washer + tank is pretty much out of the question with all the water restrictions. At the moment I do waterless using a Kwazar bottle and EcoSmart and a bunch of nice MF towels. It works well, but I don't feel it gives off a very professional vibe. I'm not detailing much at the moment, but if I want to grow I feel I should present myself as a professional. The Eco Pod CG sells looks pretty damn sweet. But it's really pricey for something I can't find any reviews for on Google, and the only YT videos I see are straight from CG. Now I really like all the CG products I currently have, and this one has me curious. It would be fabulous to find someone here who uses it on a regular basis to chime in. What I'm wondering most about is how well it holds up, and does the battery last. I know it's rated @ 20 hours, but I mean lets say I get to the point I'm using it 4 hours a day 5-6 days a week. Do they hold a charge after being recharged many times? I can't find any info, but I'm guessing they're not meant to be replaced, if you can do it at all. Also wondering about any quirks it might have.

Another question about the new EcoSmart concentrate when it says uses less than 8 oz of solution per vehicle, how accurate is that? @ 16:1 dilution a 1 gallon concentrate would last a long damn time if that's legit.

Cal Blacksmith
10-17-2014, 11:21 AM
Not to be a Debbie Downer but I have looked at that system, honestly, it would not take half that much to make it yourself and if you choose to skip the motorized pump, you can do it for a LOT less.
Larry at Ammo (lots of Utube videos to watch) works on million dollar cars and one of his tools is a weed sprayer (painted black with his logo on it) for low water / waterless washes.

There is a sweet little back pack sprayer at everyone's favorite low buck tool store Harbor Freight for about twenty bucks, it holds a couple gallons and has a lever for pressurizing the tank. It could easily be mounted to a dolly if that is your thing or just used as a back pack. All you are looking for is a fine spray of EcoSmart, just like the small hand held pump sprayer that CG sells and that I use.

I have seriously considered buying that sprayer myself as I prepare for detailing cars as a side job after an early retirement.

I see you are in So Cal, so am I, in Riverside, we are not going to be going head to head are we: LOL :D

I hope they don't mind me talking like this, I have spent nearly $2K on supplies/buffers/tools and an additional $500 for classes for myself and my son, in the last, oh, 2 months.

10-17-2014, 06:07 PM
I have a 2 gallon sprayer I got from a store, it works well but it, I dunno just doesn't look professional to me. And having to pump it every so often gets kind of old. Also the hose is super short and can't be extended. I know this CG unit's pricey, but I'm still teetering on getting one. I like the no pumping, the long cord and the fact it holds a good amount of solution. I have also looked at the backpack units and was close to ordering one. I still might I'm not sure.

And I guess we will be going head to head, I'm in Riverside too. But I don't see many detailers out here besides some basic level ones. Not saying I'm some uber detailer, but I'll be offering a lot more stuff then just the basic wash and dry and regular waxing. If it helps, maybe you're on the other end? I'm by Corona. If your by Corona, then by the sounds of how much you've spent, I'll have some serious competition.

I don't think they should mind you speaking like you did, I think most people would feel about the same as you. The Detailing Pod is very pricey considering it doesn't technically do anything I can't do with my $20 Kwazar bottle. But as an entire package it's pretty nice and despite price tag I'm almost certain when I can afford it I'll absolutely be buying it. One thing I'm big on is presentation, little things like bottles and towels and brushes and stuff. I want to look like I'm a high level detailer.

10-18-2014, 04:59 AM
+1 on a weed sprayer.

Hell. I use and old school Miracle-Gro plant food feeder hose attachment for car pr-soak. I have two of them and they work great. Fill it to the top with shampoo and go to town.
I'll get a foam gun when someone wants to give me one.

10-18-2014, 05:38 AM
Presentation, Let the paint do the talking.
Some people do not realize what can go into a detail. Depending what a client wants and how much work you have to do you can spend 40+ hours reconditioning a car. I have done 20+ on exterior only. It was a little over two ten hour days for paint, trim, tires, wheels, lights and cleaning the glass. That 20+ was not set up and clean up so it was more like 12 hour days.

Good work sells more good work. The only business cards you need are stunning details and happy customers.

Don't bite off more then you can chew. It's a process, learning making things move faster. It takes time.

Cal Blacksmith
10-19-2014, 09:34 AM
Corona huh? LOL, I am in Lake Mathews, about 15 miles South East of Corona. Welcome to the club, there are not enough QUALITY people. If you look at Craigs list for instance, you see lots of people advertising $20 washes. That won't pay for the gas and time to just drive to a job, they are not the competition and I am sure that the customers are going to get a high pressure upsale when the person (not going to call them detailers) gets there.